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Hi, I'm Teresa, your Spiritual Healer

We are currently living in a New Age as new portals have been opened up and forcing more and more people to wake up very fast to higher vibrations and some will think of it as their newly acquired “super-natural” powers! Mine, like a, hand me down, via DNA, from both parents which were of course but blinded to those possibilities because of society and indoctrination. Therefore my suffering started by “thinking” of being cursed rather and I  was forced to put an icecap on my Flame…BUT life only gets tougher when you are not pursuing your life purpose, freedom of expression and, creativity.
My years gave me the opportunity to discover and reveal before my eyes with 7 years of Kundalini Yoga, the mantras and ideology of the serpent and breath that gives life to fire. Together with my studies as life coach, Tibetan Healer specializing in the meridians, the chakras and Crystal Surgery, body alignment technique, and Karuna Reiki Master.
Soul Flame is Life Renewal, through nutrition and discovery of your full potential energy healing opening yourself to the unlimited connection of your lifeline to the immensity of the universe.